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Community Church

El Naranjo, Michocan MX



HUELLAS comes from the roots of a family working to live the dream. HUELLAS roots are originally from a ranch in Michoacán, Mexico, where dinner had to be hunted and drinking water came from the nearby river. HUELLAS represents the “footprints” we leave behind along with the heritage and values that are carried on from generation to generation.  HUELLAS is here to service customers  as family.



HUELLAS owner, Angelica Gil, is Mexican-American, originally from Los Angeles, California and now resides in San Antonio, Texas. As a Bilingual Educator she knows the desperate need of our children and their future. She has always carried the love for fashion, she finally began to fulfill both of her dreams, fashion and education. She finds joy in giving back and supporting the artisans genuine artwork. The purpose is to give back to children's education needs in Michoacán, México. 

Angelica is a “Teacher at heart with a passion for Artisanal Fashion”!

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